Sustainable Timber

Timber is one of the few materials we use in our daily lives that is sustainably produced. Sustainable timber or responsibly harvested timber refers to the process when one tree is cut down for use and another is immediately planted to replace it. For other products, such as goods manufactured from oil or metal, there is a finite amount of material in the earth. Once the supply is completely extracted, no further product can be pulled from the earth.

Managed plantations, which are harvested, re-panted, re-grown and sustained continually, also contribute to the limited ecological damage of the flora and fauna of the surrounding environment.

Low Carbon Output

Tree’s have an ability to store carbon dioxide and reduce the damaging effects that this greenhouse gas has on the environment. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and this carbon remains locked in the wood.

Following the manufacturing of tree’s into timber, the carbon remains locked in the timber.

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